Some tough times are ahead in building careers and paying bills. There's a path for freelancers, coders, and developers to start an expanded process. It's awesome - we've already started your startup, free. Join the next-decade pivot by Microsoft; even become a Microsoft Partner. Download your first apps, they're finished, ready to sell, they're in the Microsoft Store. Send the Mailing List below, we'll be in touch quickly. You can be in business this week!

You're in charge. Form a team or start solo. Intact Partners (a gold certified Microsoft Direct Reseller) makes this all happen for free-lancers, coders and developers. You'll use their ReAccess, robotic coding to build apps in hours, not months. And you'll have several ready to deploy apps to use and sell today - at no front-end cost. Microsoft is leading the parade and that's where you'll be too. Send your email below, we'll contact you same day about activating your free Microsoft Partner account.

Our solutions become part of your daily operations or part of your inventory of services to sell. We offer a unique donor app medFIND to connect those with healthcare supplies to facilities desperate to acquire them. The app delivers GIS location data to move the donations. Also you'll have free assessments of client databases to solve critical risks with older technologies. State and county governments are signing on to these Microsoft solutions. Procurement does NOT have to be complicated and tech doesn't belong exclusively to your IT vendor. It all belongs to YOU. Take charge, partner with PTG.





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