PTG Software

Technology lives large in the systems, networks and applications we all use to run our businesses. The hardest money to spend on software is to automate tasks that are non-critical and non-revenue. This includes regulatory challenges like unclaimed funds and vendor management. PTG offers our members a relationship with technology, along with online SaaS programs that are not like other software. What does that mean? For one thing, software that has maximum effect with simplicity of design and lower cost. Take a trial membership and see.

Compliance Umbrella

The Umbrella provides policies and procedures for consumer protection laws, security programs and  bank regulations as well as reporting, guidelines and compliance programs and recommendations. Our Bank Module has procedures on all banking statutes/regs. Also an automated vendor management program (see below)

Vendor Mgt Program

VRAMP is our complete Vendor Risk Assessment Management Program. This automated program sets up vendors in the system, delivers the relationship activity expected by regulators and made part of audits, such   as the bank CAMELS rating. The setup includes your assessments, questionnaires and reporting, all online   in the Member's secure Cloud Partition. The system sends all vendors the baseline Questionnaire that creates the vendor file and established an initial risk rating.

Unclaimed Funds Mgt

Your business has unclaimed funds - all businesses do. Our automated SaaS will provide online submission of acct data, classification and dormancy period control. Finally, the required due diligence and the final state reporting are handled by the system, along with the forwarding to every State agency, The system we offer also converts data inbound to EDI/x12 as needed for security and State-required file formats. PT Group acts like a software broker to locate, test and offer up software that meets PTG Member goals. Software creation (and versioning of existing software) follows right behind technology, closely tracking tech advancements. There's NO WAY to keep up with this by yourself. PT~Group is vital to any business without its own IT/Legal departments.

Security Tools

In addition to PTG's programs and resources in cybersecurity, we offer a hardware package for business continuity that's first in the industry. Our BackinBusinessBox can restart and reboot your business in minutes or hours instead of days or months. When your business continuity depends on AT&T, Comcast, your local electric company and the fact that they're taking too long to get it all together, you do what you need to do to start in business. Our little tool box (now in development, price projected to be under $500) uses a mobile hotspot to enable your business network (your LAN or WAN). When released to the market, this will be a "must have"  in every business Continuity Plan. (see more at Blogs Tab).

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