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UK's PPE Donation App Coming to USA

Intact Partners Proposal to NACo for COVID-19 PPE Donation application.

Intact Partners, a gold certified Microsoft CSP Direct Reseller in Tallahassee, FL developed and deployed an app on PPE donations, the nationally positioned process for collecting and distributing PPE for hospitals, physicians and other healthcare facilities and clinics (a pic of their home page shown below). A similar app is ready for deployment in the U.S.

The NEAD Website ( serves the National Health Service (NHS) in Great Britain and several PPE charities addressing industry sectors in Great Britain and Scotland by adding their frontend to the database. The system launched ten days ago (on April 3) and has had over 100,000 users delivering over $5 million in PPE.

Intact Partners was given several goals. The UK National Health Service wanted to acquire and deliver PPE donations in a way that met the following conditions:

· Build and deploy as quickly as possible;

· Did not require warehousing or a middle structure between the donation and the receiver;

· Was quick/immediate – deployed in three days;

· UI is simple, requires minimal entries with a goal of finding PPE that's nearby;

· First eleven days had over 100,000 users and distributed $5 million in PPE.

· The data is housed in Microsoft COSMOS Global Database in Azure, at Level 5 secured.

In the U.S. we envision the following:

· NACo to partner for communication via counties;

· Users can search for PPE by county, city, state, region, zip code to donate or request PPE (or any other items needed during this pandemic, easily handles donations for ongoing disasters, part of every county’s business continuity and disaster recovery). NEAD is provided free;

· Other charities/groups can add their frontend to the database to enlarge the app’s capabilities and audience. Separate sites or regions, all use NEAD dbms with their own frontend.

· The app will deliver information on the nearest source and the data to contact the source and pickup action is arranged.

Counties are on the front lines for pandemic assist (re PPE and other sensitive requests):

· 3,069 counties and 3.6 million staff

· 1,000 public hospitals,

· 1,900 local public health departments, over

· 800 long term care facilities and

· 750 behavioral health departments.

Counties generate 71 percent of their revenue (equating to more than $460 billion) through taxes, fees, admin charges and utilities revenue. These funds are at risk and Intact apps can protect and enhance fee revenues for counties with automation and AI.


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