Do you have an Access Database (ACCdb) - or many of them? Key business data in ACCdb is at great risk. Support ended in 2007, It won't work in Windows, it won't load to the cloud, yet there are over 100 million of them in the U.S. Many State governments have outlawed their use (TN, GA, FL) - you should, too. Our most important projects for 2019-20 are (1) helping businesses retire Access, and (2) setting up a new datastore for your business, using Microsoft Azure & Cosmos in the Cloud  - at the same or less expensive than SQL Server solutions

PROJECT: Sunsetting Access

Every Access database is failing in one way or another, is less secure today than it was yesterday and the solution to this is to put the data somewhere else. It’s in the way Access works – the issues are hidden in many cases or being handled one-at-a-time at great cost. Using Access today entails a triage approach for those enterprises and state governments that have tens of thousands of these scattered around.

​During the 90s companies started to outgrow their Access dbms. During the first decade of the 2000s technology started to outgrow Access. Microsoft knew that, but after all . . . So, vendor IT providers advertise their “solutions” to all this and will work to help keep your "legacy" Access working – except this won’t work. And even if you attach the SQL server backend and use the Power Apps (after subscribing), it’s still Access and has all its built-in design flaws. But 1.2 billion licenses are still active – because Access is ubiquitous and runs everything that many SMBs still do every day in their line of business. And in spite of all this, governments and enterprises are at the point of removing Access by edict - by outlawing it.

The Access solution we use at PTG is "owned" by a Gold CSP Direct company in the Southeast and is scheduled for deployment in one state government with over 10,000 Access databases. As the Cloud grows, Access retirement is a certainty.

PROJECT: Deploy Azure Cosmos

The AccessDB Solution is available to state government without painful procurement. This is an operating budget item, part of monthly operations. And exactly where does the data end up? In Cosmos DB via Microsoft Azure Cloud. COSMOS, referred to in the industry as  the “planet-scale” database, with:

  • Native support for multiple data models

  • 3x cheaper than AWS DynamoDB or Google Spanner

  • Independent scale throughput and storage on demand

  • Industry-leading, financially backed SLA

PROJECT: State Computing Clubs
 Offered in all County School Systems

New models for early skills in coding are needed and presented to county school systems in this TN pilot program. ITintact and PTG are developing the ciriculum & syllabus for this STEM Program, also offering high school students free CodeSolve & PowerLine along with Office 365 to jump start their entry to a computer coding career. The effort will open County Governments to the PTG marketplace. The project leader is certified in Microsoft EDU with FLA School System experience.

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