Modules (Members Only)



1. PTG offers appropriate Security Programs, Policies and Procedures to match Members business, products/services

2. DIY security instructions such as pen test

3. Data Security Tips booklet. Example, instant data security for emergency/business recovery - moves data to the Cloud

4. FREE Security Assessment - Online. This will provide a risk score for your business, locating strengths and weaknesses in your security portfolio.  

5. FREE Database Security Risk Assessment. PTG is running a current project to review Members' database status, to identify any Access databases and provide a solution

6. PTG is developing a cybersecurity app based on detection and a Continuity Box to put small business Back in Business very quickly after a weather emergency.

Financial Services

Subjects include AUDIT / writeups and use of CI benefits such as FABRIC, EF2, and the App Insights Portal.

How can audit technologies prevent exceptions as well as fixing them? How to audit real time at the transaction level. Researching new audit tactics - example: using screen proxies to build segregated audit data files. Is there a place for blockchain in the Internet stack?

Also ETL Research / Eventual Consistency Research . . .

PTG conducts constant bank research and uncovers tech facts valuable to any bank. DDA, which we all know is demand-deposit account. But the new DDA arrived several years ago. Search <DDA Library>. Banks' new business is acquired using demand-driven acquisition. This product development model is behind cellular banking, online accounts, "instant" online lending, etc. PTG pulls together such tech trends and delivers these to its members.

PTG is apt to help a banker devise the next great banking idea. It's a little like Hollywood Concepts. Christmas Club Account meets Groupon.

Cloud Benefits

The cloud is not more expensive, it's more expansive. And PTG brings in cloud engineers who can size your COSMOS data store for example, to grow as you grow, but stay small when able, lowering tech costs. The Azure Cloud is taking over, especially as the premier Platform as a Service area.

Software, Apps & Analytics


For Members Only, software focused on requirements related to Non-critical, Non-revenue activities + ANALYTICS + COMPLIANCE.

1. Compliance Mgt System, Includes Procedures and recordkeeping

2. Vendor Management Program, automated, online questionnaires, vendor files, procedure sharing

3. IN DEVELOPMENT - Unclaimed Funds, All steps, Due Diligence, Reporting to State Revenue & Remittance

4. Microsoft App Insights offers multi-dashboards

5. IN DEVELOPMENT - Cybersecurity App to ID data loss events and anamoly events using EF2.0/CkSum/detection

6. USE CodeSolve, robo-code using machine learning to develop your own apps.

7. USE PowerLine to develop, run, and manage your applications without the complexity of building and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with launching applications. PowerLine delivers security and data management for networks, servers, storage, operating system (OS), middle-ware, data, information and other services to provide an optimized hosting environment.





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